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Ball pit baby safari

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Ball pit baby safari

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This baby ball pit safari set consists of:

  • grey ball pit
  • 200 balls (gold, silver, pearl)

Kidsdouche ball pit:

– The ball pit consists of strong foam (OEKO-TEX 100 certified).
– The ball pit + balls are CE approved and BPA free.
– The removable ball pit cover is washable at 30°. (Cover is made of 100% cotton)
– Dimentions: 90 x 30 cm. (easy entry and exit for your little one).
– High quality balls, diameter balls is 7 centimeters.

Would you rather have 250 balls in the safari ball pit? Then choose the option below: “ball pit with 250 balls”.

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The safari ball pit is made of 100% cotton with gold, silver and pearl balls. The combination of the grey ball pit with the balls ensures a stylish and festive appearance. Because of the neutral colours this ball pit is for both girls and boys a beautiful gift. The ball pit invites you to take a dive and looks great in every interior. This safari ball pit is not only great as a birthday gift, also for special holidays you can give it as a gift.

Ball pit baby safari with 200 balls

The ball pit safari is a grey ball pit with 200 balls in gold, silver and pearl. The 200 balls provide hours of fun. When all the balls are in the ball pit, the ball pit will be half full. This is to prevent balls from falling out when there is one or multiple kids in the ball pit. It makes sure that there is enough space to play. Is your child younger than one year old? Then our advice is to add less balls to the ball pit. This is for little ones, who cannot sit or stand up straight yet, to play easily with the balls. Add more balls when your child grows.

Ball pit with 250 balls

It is always possible at Kidsdouche to order a ball pit with 250 balls. The 50 extra balls give even more fun. The ball pit will be almost full. Do you doubt about 200, 250 or more balls? The gold balls are also seperate available in our webshop.

Ball pit baby 1 year

Ball pits are a popular gift for a first birthday. Kids benefit the ball pit as long as possible. Around 1 year some kids can stand or even walk, which makes playing in the ball pit even more fun. Did you know that our ball pits are 30 centimeter high? This is to make sure that even the little ones who cannot walk yet still can get into the ball pit. Babies crowl over the soft edge and can sit of lie down against the side. Because of this kids can play in the ball pits from a young age more easily.

Ball pit toddler

Is your child a bit older? The ball pits of Kidsdouche are still a great gift. A ball pit can be used by kids up to 7 years old. Because of the 90 centimeter wide diameter kids can play with two or three together. Playing in a ball pit stimulates various developments. Beside the fysical development, the emotional and social development will be stimulated with interplay. Do not doubt if your child will be to old, at the end even adults dream of playing in a ball pit seceretly.

Ball pit combinations

Is your child having a birthday soon and will they receive a ball pit as a gift? Check our decorations as well. Kidsdouche offers a wide range of birthday decoration, you will have everything ready in once. Our ball pits have matching colours with the birthday decoration kits, so you can keep the same colours for your products.

Ball pit quality

As parents we want the best for our kids, especially when they are growing up. For that reason all Kidsdouche ball pits and toys are CE approved and the balls are BPA free. Kids can play save in or around the ball pit. The ball pit is made of foam that is OEKO-TEX certified. The cover of the ball pit is 100% cotton. Therefor the ball pit feels soft and is save for the skin of your baby. The size of the ball pit is 90×30 centimeter, kids can play together in the ball pit and little kids can easily enter the ball pit themselves.

Maintenance of the baby ball pit

The safari ball pit is easy to clean because of the detachable cover. You can wash the cover at 30 degrees in the washing machine. The balls are easily cleaned with some water. Use a bucket or a bath tub for example. Make sure all balls are dry before you place them back into the ball pit. Is there a puncture in a ball or is a ball leak? Then throw it away immediately.

Ball pit good for development

Playing in a ball pit stimulates your child’s motor and cognitive development. Development is stimulated by playing with the balls, the different colors and playing together with other children and people A ball pit is therefore already interesting for children from 9 months.


Kidsdouche is specialized in challenging toys for children. We think it’s important to celebrate Life, so we hope that our customers receive and use our products with a smile on their face. Good quality, personal contact and quick delivery are keywords in our company. Do you order before 3pm on a business day? Then you will receive your order mostly the next business day (within the Netherlands). This means you do not have to wait long to get the party started and to dive into the ball pit.

Order your baby ball pit now and receive it at your home as soon as possible.

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Kleur ballen

Goud, Wit, Zilver

Aantal ballen

Ballenbak met 200 ballen, Ballenbak met 250 ballen

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